Welcome to SHC - South Hand Crafted - An independant workshop found in Boscombe, Dorset, England. We whittle wooden surf craft, bodysurf handplanes, bellyboards and most recently skate decks. 10 mins from Boscombe’s beaches        and pier.

SHC was born from a passion for all things sea & mountain, after a sunset surf in
the Autumn of 2015, two brothers discussed the positive benefits to your phyiscal and mental health from being in the sea.
Our aim is to make the sea and waves more accessible to all standards and levels     of experience.

SHC is an independant project enabling you to experience making your own craft. Book a work shop on our website and you will experience step by step guidance through from design to shaping and finishing.

At SHC we believe in simplicity and environmental impact.Our creations have only five ingredients. Locally sourcedsustainable woods, water proof glue, tung oil, time and elbow grease.

A valid lesson we have learnt from this project is things take time, and the longer the better, like fine wine and cheese, taking time your
time makes it all the sweeter. So were born ‘ The time is now ’
wall clock’s. To emphasise not to rush, to take your time, find your calm, have a deep breath, the time is always ‘now’.

We are always developing new products so keep an eye out on facebook & instagram @southhandcrafted.

For more information on Body Surfing and Belly boarding check our history page.

Please feel free to drop us a message through our contact button. Happy slidin.